Intro to Walden Miller the Kings of Retro

Intro to Walden Miller the Kings of Retro

February 22, 2016

What are you looking for in a motorcycle jacket? I know I love a moto jacket to be really top quality and made from a material that feels comfortable but also looking shit hot!

Walden Miller owner Lynton talks to us about why their jackets are the bees knees and tells us the reason why Walden Miller has been kitting out riders year after year after year.

Talk to us Lynton!


Tell us a bit about where Walden Miller all began.
Walden Miller Leather started in Adelaide in 1969 as a one man band hand crafting leather goods. Demand was great and the business quickly grew, graduating to simple suede garments when mini skirts and fringed jackets were the rage in the early '70s.

From there it was a logical progression to more sophisticated leather garments and accessories, and Walden Miller were making inroads into the fashion scene in Melbourne by 1972. Motocross was big then, but it took a little time for the management to realise the potential, preferring the rag trade. Eventually it was realised that the motorcycle industry had several advantages over the fashion trade, not the least being that the people are nicer.

By 1975 the company was devoted fully to manufacturing garments for motorcyclists. We like to think our products have changed a great deal for the better since then. A lot of the improvement has occurred through evolution. For example our padded bike jacket is still around after more than 20 years. The fit and the features have been improved many times over the years.

Are you a rider yourself?
While I have never been a bike rider many of my friends were speedway and road race riders in my younger days and therefore keenly followed motor sport. What these guys needed formed the basis of what we designed.

Why are you so passionate about making such high quality motorcycle gear for riders?
Right from the beginning we set about creating a name for quality products so that people would remember us when they needed another garment. People always remember where they got it if they love it.

How important is the quality of the leather in making a safe riding jacket and why?
Quality of the leather is important to withstand the adverse effects of bitumen contact but equally the construction methods which are absent in a lot of imported garments are essential for maximum strength and endurance. Leather has an abrasion resistance not found in any man made product.

What makes your ladies jackets so unique compared to others on the market?
In the distant past female motorcycle jackets were largely designed like mens jackets which didn't look all that good and didn't fit very well so we decided with the help of some of our female staff to create much nicer fitting jackets which looked like they really belonged on that body.

What advice would you give to all the Moto Femmes out there looking to find the perfect jacket for them?
When looking for a jacket look for a jacket style that has the features which suit you and your requirements. A nice soft finish is essential for a garment which is going to be comfortable during many hours of riding. If it feels good you are much more likely to wear it every where.


Thanks Lynton!

Walden Miller is made right here in Australia so by buying their jackets you are also supporting local trade and keeping the industry in Australia alive.

Check out their range in store and if we don't have your size or colour please do write to us at and we can help you get that perfect jacket.



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