INTERVIEW | Sheilas Shakedown - All Female Motorcycle Campout

Here at Moto Femmes we are so proud to support women in the motorcycle community so when we got the chance to sit down with the women behind Australia's all-female motorcycle campout, Sheilas Shakedown, we were pumped to find out about these amazing ladies and also what they have planned for this great event.

Camp Eureka, Yarra Junction
Victoria, Australia
4-5 February 2017

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Tell us a bit about yourself Jaz!
I’m Jaz Andre’ I’m from Mildura, lived in Melbourne and have just found the love of my life and moved to Geelong. I listen to doom and old country, love being outside and run a homewares business focusing on sustainable shelving and screenprinting.

When did you start riding and what drew you to it?
I started riding when I got my first Peewee 50 at age 7. I fanged around on dirt bikes a bit when I was a kid but didn’t ride on the road til I was in my 20’s. I’ve lived my life on the road…traveling the world, living out of a bus around Australia for years and that free way of life has always been a part of me. My interest in motorbikes sprung from taking this to the next level, feeling the sun on your body and the smell of your surroundings as you experienced them. The thought of strapping on a swag and taking off was something I yearned. I’d always admire and dream about images I saw of two wheeled travelers. Unfortunately I always saw this as a male thing. I felt unattached to the realities of actually doing it myself. Then one day my mate Doddsy took me for a spin on his Dyna. Only this time he pulled over and told me to get on. I had no choice but to take the throttle. Never ridden a Harley before he got me up to 130km/hr, then covered my eyes from behind. Yeah it scared the shit outta me, but that buzz was enough for me to right then and there to decide that I was getting a bike. This was Christmas time 2014.

What do you ride now and why?
My first bike was a 72’ Honda CB 450, then a little 81’ Yamaha 250 (The Shrimp) and finally my darlin’ 92’ Harley Evo Sportster 1200.

Where is your favourite riding spot in Victoria and why?
I love riding out to St Andrew’s on a Saturday morning. It’s one of my favourite places around Melbourne, a sweet little ride plus the markets and a beer at the local are a bonus when you get there.

What made you want to be part of the Sheilas Shakedown campout?
It was Riley that asked me to come on board and I didn’t hesitate. I’d been to the previous two camps and they were one of the best experiences and such a great way to meet new people and feel a part of something. We all know what its like to start out, especially in a male dominated scene, so being able to be a part of bringing something together to support the female culture was something I was really excited to be a part of.

If you could tell the female riders out there one thing, what would it be?
Ride with blokes, they teach you a lot. Don’t be afraid to challenge your limits. 




Tell us a bit about yourself Remmi!
Remmi Lillian Aloni. I'm a single 35 year old woman currently living in East Brunswick with my lil' kitty cat but grew up in the inner southern suburbs of Melbourne, St Kilda, Brighton area. I work hard in the film & TV industry but probably play even harder.

When did you start riding and what drew you to it?
I was a late starter and got my license in 2013. I never came from some motorcycling family and knew no one who rode growing up. My boyfriend at the time was keen to get his license and I was nothing but hesitant. Turns out I'm a tad competitive and thought 'Well if you're getting your motorbike license, then I'm fucking getting mine!' It all came very naturally to me and I ended up being a much stronger rider than him. Anyways cut to 3 years later, the boy's not in the picture anymore but the bike is and always will be.

What do you ride now and why?
I ride a 2016 special edition Kawasaki W800. Ideally I would like to own many bikes (mostly vintage classic Japanese & English cafe racers) but like my modern Japanese reliability and I can use it as a daily as well as a fanger out in the mountains.

Where is your favourite riding spot in Victoria and why?
I tend to head out east into the hills and forest. It's not too far from the city and you get beautiful twisties with generous speed limits.

What made you want to be part of the Sheilas Shakedown campout?
I will always be an avid supporter of my girls and female culture. Clearly in the last few years we have seen a huge growth in female motorcyclists on our roads. When I started I would go on many group rides and attend motorcycling events to find that I was often the only female motorcyclist there. Sheilas Shakedown is about getting all these women together with a common interest to have have fun and talk shop in a female positive environment. Plus I just fucking love the girls who I am putting on the event with. They're fun and intelligent and brilliant and it's been rad!

If you could tell the female riders out there one thing, what would it be?
Support your local girl gang.




Tell us a bit about yourself Riley!
Grew up In Newcastle moved to Melbourne 5yrs ago and been winging it ever since.

When did you start riding and what drew you to it?
Saw a postie do a wheelie and thought that’s the coolest thing ever so went and got me licence about three years ago now. My dad also inspired me quite a lot; he grew up on bikes and would tell me amazing stories of him and his mates in the 70s just being wild and free. I think all those stories had a little influence in why I’m riding today, to start my own and one day pass them on.

What do you ride now and why?
I have a Honda CBF 250cc and call her ‘Dusty’ suppose cause she is always a little dirty. I ride Dusty cause dad thought it was a good buy and would be the most reliable bike I will ever have and its true.

Where is your favourite riding spot in Victoria and why?
Up to Mt Donna Buang its like your in Jurassic park (I love dinosaur’s)

What made you want to be part of the Sheilas Shakedown campout?
My Friend Meighan Mary. After Meighan said she couldn’t continue Point Leo campout anymore due to work commitments, kindly asked me if I would like to keep it going. I felt that I could but needed a top-notch possie to do it with and asked my mates Remmi and Jaz if they would like to put on a moto camp out and this time aim to get Females from all over down under.

If you could tell the female riders out there one thing, what would it be?
Always carry lip-gloss in your jacket pocket



What is Sheilas Shakedown?
Sheilas is an all female moto campout aimed to bring us women together from all over Australia and beyond in one place, and celebrate our love for all things moto. The perception that society has about motorcycles is historically more of a “mans” world and to see women step forward, and create an empowered women’s space for women to pursue our passions is what ‘Sheilas Shakedown’ hopes to create. ‘Sheilas Shakedown’ will continue on as an annual event, a celebration of putting women on the handle bars not the back seat.

Where did it all begin?
It started in a backyard in Thornbury; a very talented lady, Meighan Mary, put on two campouts and decided she wanted to pass the torch on. Meighan being a close friend of mine, asked if I would like to take over as I had helped her out a little on the first two campouts, ‘King Parrot’ and ‘Point Leo’ named after the locations. They were great fun and what are the roots of Sheilas Shakedown never to be forgotten. With this ending and a new beginning, I felt it was time to aim for more women to come join in the festivities and knew two ladies with who shared the same view, Remmi & Jaz. I got on the phone, told them to come over for a cuppa and I asked if we could become a team to organise an Australian all female moto campout and “Sheilas Shakedown" was born.

What kind of crowd are you expecting? Women from all over Australia?
We are expecting a diverse range of women who ride motorcycles, drive classic cars, zip around on scooters or just interested and enthused by the moto culture. We aim to get lots of sheilas from all over Australia, as we may follow and support each other through social media but to come together share stories over a common interest is a positive step forward for women in general.

 What can women expect to see and do at the campout?
The day will start with a two hour ride out to ‘Camp Eureka’ where the fun will begin. There will be games on motorcycles, swimming, tattooist with a $50 flash sheet, stalls, Sailor Jerry bar and sample beer will have a keg going for a donation. We have bands ‘Bitch Diesel’ and ‘Miss Destiny’ rocking some tunes in the evening plus a lot of new friendships to be made.

What is the feedback you have received from women so far regarding the event?
The feedback we are getting for ‘Sheilas Shakedown’ is beyond what we expected. It's great being reassured by others that we are doing a good thing and the feeling that it’s the right time to try and put on an event of this nature here in Australia. People do ask why not a ‘Babes Ride Out’ Australia? And yes we have drawn inspiration from such events but as a team we felt us Aussie sheilas have our own flavour, and wanted to create an environment for our unique sense of humour and style.

What do you hope women will gain from attending the event?
A smile, as something so simple can mean so much, it shows we set out and accomplished a good time for people whatever the experience, its one to put in the memory bank.

Last but not least... What is the one thing you would advise camp goers not to forget when packing for the event?
Torch, spare pair of undies, sun screen, insect repellent, chocolate, oh and one last thing a Proton pack if you have one handy there might be a few ghosts about the place.

Camp Eureka, Yarra Junction
Victoria, Australia
4-5 February 2017

Tickets $40 and available to buy here: http://www.sheilasshakedown.com/tickets

Photo Credits:
Chris Cooper (Group Shots)
Bill Hallam (Jaz's Shots)
Clare Aloni (Remmi's Shots)

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Thank you so much to Riley, Jaz and Remmi for putting on this great event! We are excited about it and will be there with bells on so hope to see you there too. Tell your friends!!!

To keep up to date with the details be sure to follow the girls:
Instagram @sheilas_shakedown
Facebook @sheilasshakedown

There will be women coming from all over Australia so if you are traveling to the camp out and want to let others know feel free to post a comment here.









Melissa :

What an awesome idea
Id love to get some more information on this and any other events you guys have
I have no other females to ride with and it makes me insane
Sun is out so is the bike

Dec 06, 2017

John Ramsden:

Inspirational ladies, keep up the good work. This is the heart and soul of what it’s all about. It is great to see the next generation keeping it alive. It doesn’t hurt that you a 3 great lookers either.

May 21, 2017


Remmi, you saucy minx! Good onya! Sounds like a top weekend.

Jan 03, 2017


Good stuff!
Hoping to ride down from Sunshine Coast QLD and would love to connect to share the road trip.
Cheers, Bea ?

Dec 27, 2016

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