*FINAL CLEARANCE* Helmet Light Proton Kit - First Gen


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LightMode Helmet Light First Gen Proton Kits


Limited colours left!

Turn your helmet into a visual safety device at night with this electroluminescent (EL) accessory kit!

Bling up your helmet with these funky lights so not only does everyone on the road see you coming a mile away but you will look pretty darn awesome. We are proud to be the first to bring this product to Australia to help make your moto outfit super cool but also to help keep our Moto Femmes safe!

Each LightMode kit uses electroluminescent (EL) materials that surround one's helmet in true 360° fashion. It is powered by a small controller that has three mode selections: constant glow, slow blink and fast blink. The controller easily attaches to either side of any motorcycle helmet using a curved adhesive mount. It runs on two AA batteries lasting 9-13 hours on a single charge.

The EL materials are permanently fixed to the helmet* with a special combination of adhesives which form a strong, permanent bond to ensure they do not fly off at high speeds.

  • Available in a range of colours so you can choose the right one to match your bike, moto wear and accessories
  • 4.5 metres of electroluminescent wire
  • 4.5 metres of design string
  • PVC mount stickers
  • LightMode helmet glue and accelerator
  • Compatible with any type of motorcycle helmet
  • 3-Mode controller
  • Curved adhesive mount
  • 8cm extension wire
  • Online instructional video available
  • 2x AA batteries not included but required

The LightMode is permanent and for good reason. It is a more secure attachment method over a more convenient attachment method to ensure the EL components won't fly off when travelling at high speeds.

As it is a permanent fixture, helmet insurance or extended warranty is available for purchase on the LightMode website and you have 15 days from date of purchase to opt in. This is not associated with your Moto Femmes purchase and is offered directly by LightMode so head to their website for more details.

You can also head to their website to view their easy install instructional video! 60 seconds to install and loads of fun creating your unique design.

*To be cautious, please check with your local authority before purchasing to ensure there are no laws in your region against attaching the LightMode to your helmet.
*This is a kit and helmet is not included.

Click here to view LightMode instructions.

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