Look After Me

Tobacco Motorwear Jeans
Care Instructions

With a bit of love and care these are the jeans that will always be there... 
Break them in – often raw denim can be restricting at first but they will soften with wear in the areas you need more room and be more form fitting where you need less.

Fabric will naturally soften and fade over time, this is the beautify of raw fabric.

When it comes to washing raw denim, the consensus is, less is more. Wear your jeans often; wash when needed. 
It’s not unusual for raw jeans to go 4-6 months between washes.

Hand wash gently, inside out, in a tub of cool water, with “dark” detergent made to wash colours and prevent dye loss.
Though cold water is always recommended, warm water can be used if you want more shrinkage.

Always hang dry inside out.